The nursing home has two departments:
department for the citizens who are on bed rest,
and department of the free entrance.

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Medical rehabilitation - is to keep the patient's health at the level of the existing disease and not to allow its progression.

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Our aim is to help the bedridden residents restore motor ability if it is possible.

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We do social and labor rehabilitation of disabled people, which is carried out  strictly according to the doctor's report.

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A balanced diet is organized, taking into consideration the age and the state of health.

who are we?


The state social service institution "Logoysk nursing home for the elderly and disabled" is a public institution of social service of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus made for permanent residence of citizens who need care, medical supervision and domestic services.

we will take care of you


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The main aim for a sick person to quickly adapt to a new environment.

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There are some rooms are arranged for religious services and ceremonies.

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Four-times meals using a variety of fresh products.

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The main goal is to create favorable conditions for living, the organization of medical and social, cultural and domestic services.

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Everyday care of occupants is done by 103 employees. Among them, there are - 3 doctors, 10 nurses, 27 nursing staff.

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All rooms are equipped with fire detectors. Special training on evacuation is regularly conducted.

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Director Oleg Nehaichik

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