The public institution of social services “Nursing home of Logoysk for  aged and disabled persons” is a public (state) institution of social services established by Ministry of labour and social protection of the Republic of Belarus for a permanent stay of citizens who need to have cared, attended and provided with everyday services.

In nursing home there are accepted the citizens who reached the age giving the right to a pension on a regular basis or being disabled persons of 1 and 2 groups. 

The activity of the public institution of social services «Nursing home of Logoisk for aged and disabled persons” is aimed to assist the exercising of rights of the citizens for social protection and financial support from the State as well as to grant maximum many-sided aid to citizens and disabled persons with chronic diseases, recognized being in need of care and medical treatment.

The main goals of activity of the nursing home are as follows:

Financial and welfare support of the aged and disabled persons, arrangement of living conditions for them close to those of a home, and of kindly ambient;

Arrangement of care (attendance) during permanence, granting to them a qualified medical aid, providing for a culture-into-masses work;

Implementation of measures for social and occupational therapy of the disabled persons;

The arrangement of sensible dietary nutrition taking into consideration the age, health conditions, etc.

In the present time, the nursing home is oriented for 230 accommodations.

There are 2 operating departments:

- Department for lying patients – 110 accommodations;

- Department of patients with free regime – 120 accommodations.

In the assisted living facility the following categories of persons are living:

- disabled persons of 1 group;

- disabled persons of 2 group;

- disabled persons of 3 group;

- pensioners because of the age.

In the nursing home the veterans of the Great Patriotic War as well as ex-minor captives, are living for whom the favorable and comfort living conditions have been created.

The nursing home has been providing for improvement  of the  financial and welfare support to the disabled persons, living conditions close to those of a home, and of kindly ambient. The rooms are equipped   with necessary furniture, mobility aids. On floors, there is video equipment. Some rooms are decorated in particular mode: favorite things, photos, pictures. All of this reflects the personality of a person living inside. The home environment is essential; the favorite things benefit emotional state, relieve tensions, and contribute to a good rest, all of this result in mutual understanding and absence of conflicts.

All other premises are arranged and equipped in the manner to render the communication with neighbors, assistants, relatives and simply guests stress-free and interesting: spacious halls with soft furniture, spacious dining room, and room for exercises in hobby groups, library and religious rooms. In the nursing home there is a hair studio.

The particular attention in the nursing home is drawn to the safety of living persons: the rooms are equipped with fire alarm system. 

In December of 2015 in the assisted living facility in the second building for lying patients the reparation was made. Also, a room of enhanced comfort was arranged, in which there is everything needed for living in it: new furniture, TV, proper WC-and-bathroom facility, etc. (photos of living rooms, of a room of enhanced comfort and many other photos can be seen in photo gallery on the web site).

A regular, balanced nutrition and moreover well-cooked food have also a significant importance. In the assisted living facility a sensible dietary, as well as individual nutrition is organized, taking into consideration the age and health conditions.

A dining room in the assisted living facility is large, spacious, light and well-decorated. At the kitchen the skilled cooks prepare every dish with loving care.

The meetings are quarterly held with persons living in the assisted living facility, the active members’ group was appointed for stimulating the major interest of living persons to arrangement of their living conditions and leisure activity. We try to communicate on an equal basis with persons that are in our care. They express their opinions, make suggestions, vote and make decisions. All of this is made to make people understand that the order and discipline are important. They become involved in the life of the assisted facility and together deal with domestic matters. The relatives of the persons living there are engaged in team activities to improve the quality of life of the nursing home. When the relatives of persons living are there they actively participate in the life of the nursing home and there no issues and complaints do not arise. We share with them our worries concerning the care of the persons living there.

Implementation of different methods allowed adapting the living persons to the conditions of the urbanized behavior, to a literal perception of any external information. New approaches in the work allow improving the health conditions of some patients without use of drugs that provide relatives and personnel of the nursing home with a sense of accomplishment.

Taking into consideration the focus on rehabilitation of the activities of the nursing home we achieved:

- rendering busy of the living persons by involving them into the interesting and content-rich activities, by developing and maintaining their creative skills;

- the response of senses and feeling of positive emotions because of creative activities and of their results;

- sustaining and developing the communication skills, of autonomy and self-determination, psychological integration of the living persons, achievement of the higher level of self-acceptance and self-comprehension;

- raising self-rating, self-consciousness and other goals.