In 1844 in the village Lutsevshchina there was an estate of count Tyshkevich with household buildings: there were a saw-mill, 400 cows, 100 horses, 200 pigs, underground refrigerators, creamery, smokehouse, pottery, brewery and many other facilities. Under the soviet government Lutsevshchina was the part of the state-owned farm, and from 1924 on this territory Machine and Tractor station was located. In that time it was decided to open an important social institution in buildings of the Machine and Tractor station and, so, on the 1st January of 1958 by decision Nr348 dated 12.11.57 Minsk regional executive committee of the Soviet of deputies opened a facility for collective farmers and disabled persons for 70 accommodations and with staff of 21 employees.

The nursing home was located in six wooden separate buildings, but even these modest conditions were vital because in all the times there are people for whom the age becomes a real proof. So, the State assumes a responsible goal: not only to facilitate the life of lonely aged persons but to render it full and interesting. The first directors of the nursing home were: Vasiltsov Yakov Stepanovich, Letnik Petr Andreevich, Goncharik Konstantin Ivanovich, Krasutskiy Nikolay Nikolaevich, Malkina Polina Petrovna.


In the beginning of the 80s of the past century, the multi-floor buildings of the nursing home have started construction. In 1982 new buildings were started up by the director Vogar Arkhip Platonovich, who headed the nursing home from 1978 to 1985 years.


For 18 years the nursing home had been headed by Semashko Nadezhda Ivanovna.


From 2004 the nursing home has been headed by Kanash Valentina Antonovna.