You have taken an important decision- to put a member of your family in the nursing home. You need to understand that people who enter the nursing home find their constant place of living, in our assisted living facility becomes a member of the family in a second home, home in which new members of family are gained.
Our main task is the quickest adaptation of this disabled person to the new conditions, new environment.
Our main goal is to create a comfortable environment for the living of persons in the assisted living facility, to arrange medical treatment, social care, cultural and everyday services.

These are the main aspects that are noteworthy for us. All of us need to participate in solution of this main and most essential task to achieve the set goal. And the result to which all of us are aimed and all of us wait will depend on the efficiency of our work.

Payment of the pensions.
Pensioners living in the nursing home are paid 10% of the assigned pension.
If a person leaves the nursing home for a period over 1 month (not applies to cases when a person leaves the assisted living facility permanently) the pension is paid in full size.
If a pensioner leaves the nursing home for in-patient treatment in a health care establishment for a period over 1 month a pension is paid to him in full size.
If the period of being on in-patient treatment lasts less than 1 month a pension is paid same as if stayed in the nursing home.

If a person dies the succession to money and other property that belong to this person is made in accordance with legislatively established procedure.

The procedure of leaving the nursing home on permanent basis.
To permanently leave nursing home a person is processed by the administration in accordance with established procedure, under permission released by Committee of labor and social protection because of the following reasons:
- on the basis of application from the close relative of a person who assume obligation to provide a person leaving the nursing home with accommodation for living and appropriate care.
-  a permanent leaving can be arranged because of personal willing and application from a person on the basis of report of the health authorities with obligatory presence of a doctor that the health of a person allows him living independently if in possession of the living area. A person can be also transferred to the assisted living facility for the aged and disabled persons according to conditions of acceptance established by the Statute of this very institution.
- if a person does not returns in the nursing home within one month after the end of the agreed term of the temporary leaving without valid reasons and it is known his location he can be accepted to the assisted living facility as newly entering person. While preparing the documents about leaving person, to the address of persons by written application of whom permission for temporary leaving was released a notice is sent telling that in case of non-returning of a person in the assisted living facility within the term specified in the notice he will be dismissed.   
-in other legislatively prescribed cases.

While on a leave, a person or his legitimate representative, member of the family, a close relative is given a certificate with the indication of a term of the permanence of a person in the assisted living facility, personal belongings, and documents being in storage in the assisted living facility. In a case of being transferred to another assisted or care facility, all necessary documents stored in the assisted living facility are also transferred to, a person and is also given all his cloth, underwear and seasonal shoes.

Persons living in the nursing home are given the possibility to apply for treatment issues, for examination and medical car, to carry on correspondence, meet members of family and relatives, to practice religious ceremonies, to follow religious canons (including fasts), to have the religious attributes and literature non prohibited by law, to receive newspapers and magazines.

Formalization of the vacation (staycation) of living in the nursing home persons.
A temporary leave of a person the nursing home is formalized according to written application from family members, close relatives, under consent of the administration, for a period cumulatively not more than three months in a calendar year.
Consent about temporary leave is given according to the doctor's report about the possibility to leave. In this case, in the application, a precise address should be specified at which a person will stay during all the period of the temporary leave, and there should be a statement about assumed obligation to care for a person and to make him return in time.
The nursing home doesn’t reimburse expenses for trips to relatives and other persons.