Caritas 4

"Caritas" from the Latin "caritas" means merciful love. This love manifests itself in cases of charity Catholic society "Caritas Belarus".
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osen2018 7

Autumn ... a wonderful time, filled with bright colors and the smell of crop. 

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A person can fully to work if he does not need to worry about the safety of his life.

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 IMG 4222


"Ignition on the 2 nd floor of the second building!" This is a complicated place in this house. Here, under the twenty-four-hour care of junior medical personnel are the most infirm people in the boarding home.
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IMG 8803


Imagine being alone and around nobody ... no talking, no helping hand, no smile! Agree - we really need people around. Undoubtedly, we need each other. And a weak person is necessary for strong healthy people, so that they can fully realize their desire to be useful to someone - to give kindness, care and mercy.
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